Destination Weddings Travel Group, the leader in the destination wedding industry, has released its annual report with the latest statistics and trend forecast for 2017.

“This year’s report reflects exciting growth in our market,” says John Walsh, President of Destination Weddings Travel Group. “As the industry leader in romance travel, we’re not only seeing an increase in ‘I Dos’ internationally, but in other celebration travel as well.”

The 2017 report reveals that the majority of couples who choose destination weddings are doing so to find extra unique opportunities for themselves and their guests. All of the top destinations: Riviera Maya, Punta Cana, Montego Bay, Cancun and Ocho Rios, are known for their natural beauty, opportunities to find adventure and rich local cultures. These features enhance the entire celebration experience for wedding parties and guests alike.

While many people assume that the average duration of a destination wedding is equivalent to a long-weekend, the report indicates that it is actually 6 days. This allows for an extension of the festivities, and multiple opportunities for couples to interact with their guests. Children now make up part of the guest list 92% of the time – up from 88% the year prior.

Personalization remains a priority for destination wedding couples, according to the 2017 Report. Many select locally-themed hors d’oeuvres when planning their menus, including regionally-inspired signature drinks.

“As celebration travel expands into new markets, we’ve seen an increase in diverse groups who choose to get away for their weddings and events,” says Walsh. “LGBTQ couples, in particular, are seeing that destination weddings are truly a way to create the celebration of their dreams in welcoming regions.”

The report details these and other interesting trends in the destination wedding industry. A link to the entire report can be found here.

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