In business, it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, the same rules apply. It’s all about the experience.

I caught up with a friend in my hometown of Springfield, Ohio named Sunny Dhingra. Sunny is a real estate agent and he gave me a tour of his office. It was more than an office tour though. It was a glimpse into how he treats those that trust him with their real estate future.


Sunny has a competitive advantage that speaks volumes for anticipating his customers’ needs. His clients usually have lending appointments and real estate closings in his office. These are big decisions for homebuyers, many of them who have families. Sunny recognized that and did something about it.

Getting into real estate can be a big leap for families to take which is why it is important to find someone like these Lynchburg real estate agents that they can trust. This is especially true if they have not been able to get into real estate before and this is their first time. It’s important to understand that by making them feel secure and relaxed, you can help them to make the right decision that benefits them all. There are various ways in which that an agent could get hold of good real estate agent leads (such as a directory of old leads, websites such as Espresso Agent, etc.) which could, in turn, benefit their client in finding their dream home!

An example for the same could make things more clear. For instance, if they were looking into Manhattan properties, they would check out sites such as Manhattan Miami and see what they have on offer there, it all depends on where you are and your budget. However, some people may need to sell their homes quickly, in which case a traditional real estate agent may not be the right option for them. In this instance, they might look to sell to a cash home buyer like House Buyer in San Antonio TX, having seen the positive reviews on their google listing.

In Sunny’s office, children can play in a separate room that parents can view from a webcam in his office. In addition, if customers are building a new home they can obtain color samples for shutters, siding, countertops, and more. They also get information regarding home security measures which is very useful. For example, not every new homeowner understands that you can Protect your windows during the upcoming storm season with hurricane screens. Besides these, he even has reflective real estate signs that people can see at night!

sunnyrealty2Always Sunny Realty may be a real estate office, but companies in the wedding industry can learn a lot from what they do. The experience he provides goes above and beyond.

As I travel across the country I get to tour different companies in the wedding industry. I have seen the good, the bad, and the “You gotta be kidding me”.

I’ve seen dressing rooms in bridal shops that are too small or don’t offer adequate privacy for the bride. In others, I have seen viewing areas fit for a queen and not for friends or family of the bride. When I visited The Event Connections in Dayton, Ohio they were making back-to-back appointments for couples to meet with wedding pros at their facility. This is a must for couples that are limited on time.

If you can save people time with a one stop shop, you’ll forever be in their good graces. Sunny realized this and capitalized. So can wedding pros.

When I was at Wedding MBA, I listened to a speaker from The Knot share that couples want to have an idea if you’re in their price range from looking at your website. Couples don’t want to waste time calling wedding industry companies if they’re not the right fit. Everything we do creates an experience. These include:

  • How we use our voices on social media
  • How we guide customers through our website
  • Our responsiveness to returning e-mails and phone calls
  • How we go about offering solutions instead of expenses

Companies that handle luxury weddings usually get this. Startups and companies that have been in the wedding business for a short time sometimes overlook this based on experience more so than budget.

Limited funds shouldn’t limit your customer’s experience. If you are running your business lean and don’t have a lot of money to work with, then your responsiveness and personality can make up for it. If you want to serve the luxury wedding market you must be looking for ways to offer an exceptional experience and product.

A positive, responsive attitude in helping to provide solutions is a great start.
What can your company do better in the coming wedding season for your customers?

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