This past Saturday,  white nationalist gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia and demonstrators lined up to counter protest.  One person was killed during the protest and at least one wedding location had to be changed. One wedding planner who doesn’t want to be disclosed said that they changed the ceremony location several weeks before the wedding. After a previous rally demonstration took place in July, she discussed with the couple on moving the ceremony to the reception location.

The ceremony was to take place a few blocks from what is now called Emancipation Park in Charlottesville, Va where the violence took place.  Many churches and businesses in downtown Charlottesville decided several weeks before to close the day of the gathering. Many streets were blocked off during the protests.  The new ceremony location was communicated to guests by emails,  couple’s wedding Website and by word of mouth.  The venue was out of town and away from the demonstrations which turned out to be the perfect solution.



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