By Julie Albaugh

I’ve been fortunate enough in my career to create websites for wedding professionals and other types of companies. A professional, functioning website can make or break a business, especially if it’s a small business or start-up.

To this day I am still surprised at the behavior of some (not all) webmasters when they lose a client. Nobody likes to lose business, but a webmaster can put your world on pause or in danger if he or she chooses.

Ask yourself a couple questions:

  • Do you have a friend or employee running your site?
  • If there’s a disagreement or they leave on bad terms, will they still be professional?

There are stories out there of webmasters who’ve deleted the entire employer’s website files and even set the office on fire (that’s an extreme example, but you can believe it)!

Some webmasters have:

  • Demanded more money for obtaining backup files
  • Refused to give up usernames and passwords

Also, digital media contracts can include huge penalties for leaving the company to keep your domain name. Many companies start over to avoid the huge costs with continuing.

Don’t let your website be held hostage! Take action by:

  • Purchasing the domain yourself when possible
  • Make sure you are listed on the domain as the ‘registrant contact’
  • Make sure that all your contact information is current, including your email address
  • Know the login and password for domain management if possible
  • Have a backup file of your website files
  • If you go with an outside company, be sure they can make changes in a timely fashion (within two weeks at the latest)
  • Know what your Google PageSpeed Insights are

You can check your Google PageSpeed insights here:


Don’t have any of this information?  Get all this in order now so that you won’t be held hostage by your webmaster and be sorry later.


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