I have been in the wedding industry for more than 25 years and have filmed all types of events from birthdays, corporate events, weddings, anniversaries and even funerals. Each event differs in the amount of work and planning involved because everyone wants to include their individual likes and interests into their special event. During this time, I have come across different types of couples who have different expectations regarding their weddings. For instance, one couple once seemed to be very focused on giving out wedding favours. They seemed to like the idea of giving guests a gift box, which would have contained chocolate bars that had customized wrappers (purchased from firms similar to Announce It!). They also wanted to include silver coins and some Carnasians in the gift boxes. Besides this, I have also come across a couple, who happened to be interested in looking for a company that specializes in marquees in london because they wanted something more extravagant and different for their event. But then I have also come across those people who are very traditional and want to stick to those types of ways, and that is fine too. Either way though, something remains the same, and that is the amount of planning that is involved in these processes. That being said, I customized my prices for the amount of time required for each event. Recently I saw a report from Jeff Rossen from the Today Show. See it below.

There are several reasons why weddings might cost more than a birthday party even if they have the exact same number of guests and it’s held on the same day. First, weddings can have two or more locations that wedding pros may have to set up or manage. Birthday parties usually use one location. Weddings take more planning and several events take place throughout the day, which requires more staff. Typically a wedding is at least five hours or more. A Birthday party might be two to three hours. Most birthday parties don’t have the stress, and the importance of weddings, so many companies might use staff with less experience. Honestly, a wedding does not appear to be costly only for those who host it. Think about how costly a wedding can be for those who attend it. Take, for instance, this scenario. An individual who is supposed to attend the birthday party of his college mate can purchase a simple yet elegant gift similar to customised college rings, bracelets or charm necklaces from https://www.jostens.com/jewelry/class-jewelry/college/ and its likes. However, in the case of a wedding, the gift is supposed to be more extravagant, maybe something like robotic vacuums, wireless turntables, or a Victorian decanter set. Thus, weddings are more expensive than birthdays for both the guests and the hosts.

Anyway, those interested can see my interview on Living Dayton down below.

Over the years I have learned that I couldn’t charge the same amount for every type of event as a videographer. Some events took more of my time than others. I learned that birthday parties and anniversaries were really simple and took less of my time. However, Bar Mitzvahs, when boys turn 12 and become a Jewish adult, and Bat Mitzvah for girls, usually take as much time to plan as weddings.

Differences in the types of weddings effect pricing. Indian weddings almost always double the amount of work as standard weddings. One Indian wedding that I remember so well had two ceremonies and two receptions. Some Indian weddings can have three days’ worth of events. Not all parties are the same.

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