This is the Transcript of the #WeddingMarket Chat on September 29th, 2016 with Brian Lawerence. The answers were made on Twitter so responses will appear different.


Afeisha James-Kipps Bio: 

Afeisha James-Kipps is the CEO and Co-Founder of Wedspire, a one-stop-shop wedding platform changing the way brides and grooms plan for their big day. Boasting a stellar career as an Events Manager for local and international events, she excelled in her role as Arts & Entertainment Chair of Caribana, the largest Caribbean festival in North America. It was during her time as Events Director for an International hotelier managing various functions (including weddings) that she caught the wedding planning bug, creating a natural leap into her latest innovative venture, Wedspire.


Q1: Why do wedding pros have a fear of Wed-Tech? 

Answer: Wedtech empowers the DIY bride, encouraging couples to create their day themselves.  Wedding pros believe wedtech persuades them away from hiring a professional.


Q2: How can wedding pros overcome this fear of Wed-Tech?

Answer:  JOIN WEDSPIRE – Learn, become more familiar + utilize wed-tech to your advantage.  We NEVER replace the actual pros! We are simply there to make the connection between the couple and the pro.


Q3: How is @Wedspire different from other wedding sites?

Answer:  We promote the use of wedding pros who best match a couple’s vision + budget VS pay-to-play recommendation style sites that promote pros with the biggest marketing budget.  WeddingWire and TheKnot give recommendations – @wedspire is a curated marketplace where all Wedding Pro’s can share their services that can be purchased right in one platform.


Q4: How does @Wedspire generate new leads for wedding pros?

Answer: Wedspire offers personalized netflix-style recommendations to each bride and groom on the site matching them with pros based on their style, location, budget & more.


Q5: How are wedding pros charged for wedding leads?

Answer:  Wedding Pros are not charged unless we generate tangible business – We don’t make money unless you do!


Q6: Can wedding pros book for certain dates?

Answer: Wedspire has a calendar integrated into its program that allows wedding pros to schedule their availability.  It also has the option to sync directly to your Google Cal/Gmail/iCal calendar so you don’t have to do double the work.  Clients can then book directly on the site providing seamless service and information transfer between all your tech.

Q7: Does @Wedspire act as a wedding planner? 

Answer: No! We cannot take over for all the hard work and experience that wedding planners have. @wedspire is there to connect couples with the pros who can really do it best!  We cannot coordinate your vendors, create a timeline, organize placecards or help the bride down the aisle.


Q8: Can wedding pros market in certain markets and or nationwide? 

Answer: Of course! We make sure that whatever your business we are there to support you. If you operate in one city or 20 you can market your business!


Q9: What will be happening in Vegas on Sunday, October 2nd?

Answer:  We will be launching @Wedspire nationwide at our #wedspirelive launch party! Wedding Pro’s & newly engaged couple’s in the US will finally be able to take care of all their wedding needs in 1 place.


Q10: What types of activities will be taking place at #wedspirelive?


A10: See presentation of the most innovative wed-tech tools on @Wedspire . See Demos, Food, Drinks, Interviews, and Entertainment.


Q11: How can wedding pros join #wedspirelive if they are in Vegas during #WeddingMBA ?


A11 Come celebrate the #wedspirelive launch with us! Reach out to [email protected] for event & ticket info.


Q12: How can they join the #wedspirelive Launch online?


A12 We are thrilled that #weddingmarket will be streaming the entire Launch on Facebook Live & Periscope .  Just because you aren’t in Vegas, doesn’t mean you can’t party with us! Follow along via live stream on the #WeddingMarket Facebook page!


Q13: Where do you see @Wedspire 5 years from now?  

Answer: Becoming THE #wedding community couples around the world seek to make their dream wedding vision into a reality!


Q14: Will you be at the #weddingmba? 

Answer: Yes! Our booth# is 2336. We will also be sharing a @Wedspire presentation on the showroom floor stage Oct. 4 at 12:45pm. If you miss us at the lunch come say hi!


Q15: What would you like everyone to take away from this #WeddingMarket Chat?

Answer: No need to be afraid of new Wed-Tech. Wed-tech is a great tool when created with the Pro’s in mind. We have optimized our platform to make @Wedspire the most user friendly place for engaged couples to curate their wedding pro’s, Inspiration and all the details that make a wedding the most magical day for the soon-to-be-Newlyweds.


Questions From The #WeddingMarket Chat Audience

@TheNuptialnista  Any advice for people starting their own business in industry?

Answer: Be audacious! There are so many people that will weigh in negatively on you making this leap.

@FlairBridesmaids How do you determine when business becomes tangible? When a contract is signed?

Answer: Correct! When the customer books or buys your product/service.


@TheNuptialnista Hey! I find your business pretty unique! What inspired you to start this business? And how did you start it?

Answer: Thx! Out of personal need. Planning our vow renewal was stressful. No easy way to find & book items from pros in one place. These pains are experienced by too many couples and inspired us to create @Wedspire .


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