This is the Transcript of the #WeddingMarket Chat on April 26, 2017 with BB Webb. The answers were made on Twitter so responses will appear different.

BB Webb is an entrepreneur, speaker, author and business coach.  She founded and grew her award-winning Carl House into a leading venue in the Southeast before selling it in 2017.  She makes her home now in Montana traveling throughout the United States as a sought after speaker and business coach in the Wedding Industry and with other businesses and special interest groups.  Energetic, entertaining and focused, her passion is helping business owners successfully grow their businesses! For more information visit


Q1: What is the most important thing to consider when working with a couple? 


BB Webb: Most important, you need to LISTEN to what they have to say, what they want and need. Lean in, be curious and attentive and take note of desires and fears. Each bit of info you glean will guide what you can offer to your couple.


Q2: How do we listen to the couple and know what is important to them?


BB Webb: Imagine being in their shoes, empathize. Repeat back phrases, let them know they are heard.


Q3: How might wedding pros prepare for that first meeting with the couple?


BB Webb: Create an environment of readiness. Have your materials to share together, be ready for them. Have a favorite beverage ready, music playing, a pleasing environment that reflects your biz.


Q4: How else can wedding pros make the couple feel special in that first meeting?


BB Webb:  Greet them at the door. Introduce your team, make them feel like number 1. PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY. Show excitement & make them your absolute focus!


Q5: What do you do if your company isn’t the right fit for the couple?


BB Webb:  Give them a list of better fitting choices. Be respectful, thank them for considering you.


Q6: Why is it important for everyone in your company to know your vision & culture or values of your company?


BB Webb: It differentiates you from others. How you do anything is how you do everything!  The way your team dresses, speaks, the way you do what you do in your company. Your secret sauce.  It includes the way you share the value of your unique services.


Q7: How do you keep the bar high?


BB Webb: Creating policies, protocols & accountability in your company assuring consistency within your brand. The #1 thing I work on with companies: consistency, systems & repeatable excellence.


Q8: How do you determine what your secret sauce is?


BB Webb:  Consider why you went into business, your passion, how do you reflect that to your couples? Know what differentiates you from other companies, what makes you special, unique & excellent!


Q9: How has technology hurt companies serving the couple?


BB Webb: It needn’t hurt, but should be followed up with a warm voice, a personal visit, touch beyond the keypad. Couples need to feel heard, cared for and educated in what separates your biz from others.


Q10: Why do wedding pros need to remember that weddings are an emotional sale? 


BB Webb: A wedding, as you know, is probably THE most important day, to date of a couple’s life. Your sale is part of memorializing the start of the couple’s new life together.


Q11: What do we do when a couple focuses primarily on cost of our service?


BB Webb: You hold off on cost talk and have them focus on telling you what’s important to them. You share that you want to be assured are the right fit for what they need, taking pressure off. You then ask them more questions about what they desire related to your services. After you ask your questions you listen and then listen some more.  Let them talk and teach you. Once you’ve listened you share what you can provide & teach them the REASONABLE cost to providing it!


Q12: What do companies usually forget with regard to ‘living’ their vision? 


BB Webb: They forget in the busy-ness of business what they are doing it for. Vision drives a company.


Q13: How do you share your companies value to couples?


BB Webb: Have your values, or culture statements written down for your couples to read. On your website.  And more importantly LIVE your values by the way you do what you do…consistently.


Q14: What would you MOST like everyone to take away from this #WeddingMarket Chat?


BB Webb: The importance of vision, culture, consistency in your brand, the need for emotional intelligence! Listening to your couples, when asked about price, coaching on the reasonable cost for all you provide!


Question from #WeddingMarket member:


@Caseyfphoto what if the couple won’t come in for a meeting?


BB Webb: That is challenging. I would then encourage a FaceTime for Skype so you can SEE how they are responding. A bit more personal.


Disclosure: BB Webb is a speaker listed in the Wedding Market speaker directory.

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