This is the Transcript of the #WeddingMarket Chat on June 7, 2017 with Sasha Bravin Vasilyuk. The answers were made on Twitter so responses will appear different.

Sasha Vasilyuk is the founder of I DO PR, a leading public relations agency that helps wedding and lifestyle brands connect with the media. She has consulted for HoneyBook, AllSeated, Weddington Way, Best Buy, Virginia Tourism Authority, Event Leadership Institute, and many others.
Sasha is the author of the book “Marry the Media: How to Gain Publicity for Your Wedding Business” and offers DIY PR Tools for wedding pros who want to build buzz in the media. She also speaks at industry events and teaches a course on PR at the Event Leadership Institute. When she’s not thinking about weddings, Sasha is writing essays and travel articles for Harper’s Bazaar, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Newsweek, Huffington Post and others.


Q1: How should wedding pros start looking for wedding blogs to potentially guest blog for?


Sasha (Vasilyuk) Bravin: Find blogs that target your desired audience and see if they publish guest posts by other pro’s.


Q2: Why it’s important to look thoroughly through their wedding blog before you contact them? 


Sasha (Vasilyuk) Bravin: Your idea has to fit, not repeat, blog’s content. If it’s not a good fit, you’ll waste time pitching your ideas.


Q3: How do you know when a wedding blog is the right fit? the right fit?


Sasha (Vasilyuk) Bravin: When the blog has published guest posts by other pros that you wish you’d written.


Q4: How do you handle the first contact with a wedding blog editor? 


Sasha (Vasilyuk) Bravin: Email the blog’s editor, introduce who you are and propose 2-3 blog post headlines you could write.


Q5: Anything else wedding pros should include in their pitch? 


Sasha (Vasilyuk) Bravin: A5: Got previous writing clips? Include a link to those so the editor can see your writing skills.


Q6: What social media platform is the best way to connect with them? 


Sasha (Vasilyuk) Bravin: A6: Best thing is to email. Blog editors typically don’t like being pitched on social media.


Q7: What types of articles are wedding blogs generally interested in? 


Sasha (Vasilyuk) Bravin: Wedding blogs like unique, useful planning tips. B2B wedding blogs like small biz tips. Go for both.


Q8: Should you send the completed guest post to the blog?


Sasha (Vasilyuk) Bravin: No. Send several ideas first, then once the editor picks one, write the post based on their specifications


Q9: Do blogs need images to go with the guest posts?


Sasha (Vasilyuk) Bravin: Some blogs require images, while others have their own. But it’s always a good idea to offer images if you have them.


Q10: Can you give some best writing tips for guest blog posts? 


Sasha (Vasilyuk) Bravin: Study and imitate the style of the blog you’re pitching. Use clear sentences, short paragraphs, make it fun, engaging.


Q11: Is getting real weddings published more important than guest blogging? 


Sasha (Vasilyuk) Bravin: Real weddings visually show off your skills. Guest posts show off your expertise. You need both for successful PR.


Q12: Are there easier alternatives to guest posts? 


Sasha (Vasilyuk) Bravin: Yes! Bloggers offer Q&A opportunities and many seek out short tips instead of full guest posts.


Q13: How can wedding pros use their published guest posts?


Sasha (Vasilyuk) Bravin: Post it on social, blog, newsletter, press page, email signature, and for top blogs add “Seen in” badge on homepage. 


Q14: Where can they purchase your book “Marry the Media: How to Gain Publicity for Your Wedding Business”?   


Sasha (Vasilyuk) Bravin: My wedding PR book is on my site and on @AmazonBooks


Q15: What would you like everyone to take away from this #WeddingMarket Chat? 

Sasha (Vasilyuk) Bravin: Guest blogging is the most overlooked PR opportunity. Don’t be afraid to go after it.



Questions from the Wedding Market Audience


@PapilioBoutique How would you recommend to approach wedding bloggers & industry pros?

Sasha (Vasilyuk) Bravin: Everyone wants good content, so tell them who you are and what blog ideas you have.


@EnrapturedEvent Should we send links to previous blog posts as well or just clips?

Sasha (Vasilyuk) Bravin: Previous blog posts = clips. So send whatever you’re most proud of and is most relevant to the editor you’re pitching. Clips isjournalist speak for writing sample. As long as it’s good + relevant, send it. They just want to know you can write.


@Laughstaff Are 2 clips sufficient in your opinion? 

Sasha (Vasilyuk) Bravin: Yes, 2 clips (writing samples) is perfect.


@PapilioBoutique  Can it be a selection of existing blog posts?

Sasha (Vasilyuk) Bravin: Yes, just a couple of the best ones though.


@AprilTwentyFive Images is always one thing that can be difficult if you are not in photography.

Sasha (Vasilyuk) Bravin: Guest posts usually don’t need more than 3 and many of them source their own, so don’t let that stop you.


@PapilioBoutique What is the ideal length? 500 words?

Sasha (Vasilyuk) Bravin: Each blog has their own requirements and they’ll tell you once they approve your idea. So don’t write the post ahead of time.


@AprilTwentyFive ….The real wedding idea is very strong these days.

Sasha (Vasilyuk) Bravin: Real weddings are overcrowded and very competitive, while guest blogging is not.

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